The Merks guarantee

Everything is just that simple

We are honoured that you reside in our cherished project, and we want every day at home to be carefree – an opportunity to enjoy life’s little moments.

By choosing a home in one of our projects, you will enjoy a sense of security for many years after purchasing.

Merks is an all-in-one developer, builder, vendor and guarantee repairer, so you will have one reliable partner in the process of purchasing an apartment. If any defects are discovered after the purchase, we will rectify them ourselves.


All buildings in our projects have a 2-year interior finishing guarantee.

Garantijas termiņš ēkas konstrukcijām ir 36 vai 60 mēneši, atkarībā no konkrētā projekta veida un konkrētais garantijas termiņš tiek skaitīts no ēkas nodošanas ekspluatācijā.

When the building is ready, the new owner of the apartment inspects the apartment together with the sales consultant. During this time, possible defects that need to be remedied are identified and a transfer deed is signed. The involvement of the new owner in this process is very important, since after the signing of the transfer deed, any defects that arise when moving in and using the apartment are the responsibility of the new owner.

Cases covered by the guarantee

Cases the guarantee does not cover

Who to contact in case of defects?

When evaluating the situation, please contact us by filling out the form below or with your home manager.

Merks mājas
Home manager

Emergency cases
and/or decorative defects in the apartment

(8:00 - 18:00)

Emergency cases in the apartment
Emergency cases and/or decorative defects
outside the apartment

(00.00 - 24.00)

Report a guarantee case

Report a guarantee case – choose your address, attach a description of the situation and a photo, and our guarantee project manager will contact you as soon as possible!

If there is a problem reporting the case, please write to